The End of Vancity Transit

On October 1st 2017 Vancity Transit will cease to operate. Existing installations of the app will no longer function and the app has already been removed from the iTunes App Store.

Potentially Asked Questions

What will happen on October 1st 2017?
The Vancity Transit API (also known as the Global Transit API) will be taken offline. The app will report errors and serve little to no function. It's recommended that you uninstall the app from your device.

What will happen to my saved routes?
Your saved routes were only saved locally to your iOS device, and never to our servers. When you uninstall Vancity Transit these routes will be deleted from your device

What will happen to my notification settings?
Your notification settings will be removed from Amazon SNS after October 1st. As soon as you remove the app from your device, the notification token (APN) becomes invalid.

Are there plans to re-introduce Vancity Transit at a later time?
No. We do have plans to release a stand-alone Transit Alerts app at a later time that will provide improved Alerts & Notification support, but nothing for real-time transit.

Will the source code of Vancity Transit be released?
Potentially, however we have no immediate plans for this.