Still waiting for your bus?

Download Vancity Transit and know before you go

Taking Transit is an unfortunate and unavoidable reality for many residents of the Lower Mainland. As you stand in the cold rain waiting for what seems like forever for your bus to take you to your destination you ask yourself "Isn't there a better way?". Well now there is, all thanks to Vancity Transit. With Vancity Transit, you'll be in the know before you go! Get real-time updates on your buses location, estimated departure times, and be alerted about any detours or disruptions.

Save your most frequently used bus routes

Everyday transit rider? Save the routes you take for quick at-a-glance knowledge of when your bus is departing or if there are any major disruptions.

See all of the bus routes around you

See all of the bus stops around your current location with all possible routes and their departure times. Tap on a route to see where the bus is.

Know When & Where your bus is

With Vancity Transit you don't have to rely on a out-of-date timetable, know where your bus is to plan your trip accordingly.

Up-to-the-minute Alerts

Receive a notification when there is a disruption of any of the routes or transit services you take.